FORD Trucks at the 2019 Work Truck Show

NTEA Work Truck Show, all new Ford F600, RV chassis, E-chassis and of course 2021 F650-750. Commercial trucks chassis cabs will all the safety features of a F150.

Source: MrTruckTV


Maine Bureau of Parks depends on Knapheide Crane Truck when needs are miles from civilization

This Crane Body gives me all the storage to carry all the stuff I need when I am miles from civilization *

Here's what Joe Powers, the State of Maine Maintenance Co-Coordinator for the Bureau of  Parks and Lands had to say to Service Truck Magazine about his new rig: “My old truck had the welder mounted in the bed, but I had them put it up on the top for this one. That gives me a lot more room in the bed to carry shovels, big pry bars, chain saw, extra diesel fuel, extra gasoline, blocking, and all the stuff I might need when I’m miles from civilization.” — Joe Powers, maintenance coordinator, Maine’s Bureau of Parks and Lands

* Paraphrase of Joe Powers statement to Dan Anderson for below article in Service Truck Magazine

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