Turn Your Pickup Into a Dump Truck with a DumperDogg® Dump Insert

The slide-in DumperDogg Dump Insert from Buyers Products makes it easy to convert your 3/4 ton+ pickup with a 6 or 8 ft bed into a dump truck. The slide-in unit has a 6000 lb capacity and is powered by your truck's electrical. A double-acting scissor hoist provides up to a 45° dump angle. The versatile tailgate opens up or down and can be removed completely, so you can still use your truck like a regular pickup. A number of accessories, including side wall extensions, roll tarp kits, a removable tailgate spreader, and a cab guard are also available. For more information, and to see our complete line of DumperDogg products and accessories, visit https://www.buyersproducts.com/catalo.... Available Models (Click the link for more info): Stainless Steel Models - https://bit.ly/2JeNRqT 5534000 - 8 Foot 5534006 - 6 Foot Carbon Steel Models - https://bit.ly/2xO43q4 5531000 - 8 Foot 5531006 - 6 Foot Poly Model - https://bit.ly/2Fd5fIo 5532000 - 8 Foot


Welder Hates The Ride, Adds Kelderman Air Suspension

Welder Don Crossley needed a heavier duty truck to transfer his highly personalized welder body onto. The body weighs 8,000 lbs., so he bought a Ford F450 Super Cab chassis fully loaded. The total truck weight is 16,200 lbs. He loved the new truck but hated how it rode, thinking it was so rough riding. So, he contacted Kelderman, the air suspension people, discussed their product, and had the complete system installed on his new F450. Now, he's a happy camper, or rather, a happy welder. Good ride, all the comforts, and the truck ride is so smooth in comparison. The truck is owned by Croz Custom Metal Fabrication, Inc., home-based in Fairfield, CA, working much of Northern California from this great truck. See more about Croz Custom Metal Fabrication at https://crozcustommetal.com/


Fleet 101: What is Torque?

This Fleet 101 episode of Truck Chat episode focuses on a commonly misunderstood term in truck fleets today: #torque. Executive Editor, Lauren Fletcher, covers the basics of torque and helps you gain a greater understanding of the topic. Today's topics include: - What is torque? - How is torque measured? - Where does torque come from? - What causes differences in torque? - Why does torque matter to work truck fleets? This episode is sponsored by@Goodyear


Leading The Industry into The Future | Ch. 6 | This is Ford Pro™

Ford Motor Company President and CEO Jim Farley shares his commitment to the growth of Ford Pro. Watch as he discusses his excitement for the future of our company and how we work hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver the custom solutions they need for their businesses.