CTECH at The Work Truck Show 2020 | SuperCut

The CTech booth and beyond with this supercut! We had our brand new Shelving Drawers and MotionLatch™ 'Full-Bank' lock on full display as well as a variety of Tool Drawers showcased in other areas of the show.


DECKED | Organized. Durable. Secure. Storage.

DECKED is ready to help you get more use, organization, storage and utility out of your truck or vanr. With a 2000lb load rating and 200lb capacity per drawer, you'll get more out of your truck and more out of your day with DECKED in the bed.


Van Equipment to Increase your Time Savings at Work

Best Van Equipment for Time Savings at Work

Time savings is a large part of a successful business. Keeping on track and on time is key to increasing your sales and overall gross profit. On a daily basis, there are simple things that can help you and your employees stay on track. Creating prioritized task lists for example, helps give perspective on what needs to be accomplished during the course of a day.

However, it’s also important to ensure you have the correct tools for time savings. Whether you’re a fleet owner or a sole proprietor with one van, it’s important to ensure the van equipment you have is going to help you save a couple extra minutes of your day.  Below is a list of van equipment designed for company time savings:

Rear Access Partition
Increase time savings by accessing your cargo space directly from your cab, with a walk-through partition. These partitions still offer you the safety you need while on the road, but also eliminates the need for you to exit your vehicle to access your cargo.

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Drop-Down Ladder Rack
Load and unload your ladder in under a minute with our Max Rack. With a single stage drop, the Max Rack lowers your ladder down to eye level, eliminating the struggle of trying to load and unload your ladder from the top of a high roof, multiple times a day. It’s an incredible time savings option and also a much safer option for your employees.

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Fold-Away Shelving
Are you looking for van equipment for delivery? If so, fold-away shelving is the quickest and most efficient way to deliver cargo of any volume. The flexible shelves can be folded up or down in multiple configurations to accommodate whatever size packages you may be carrying.

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Keep your small parts organized and reduce the time spent searching for them. Partskeepers allow for small tools to be stored neatly in an easily accessible spot, with divided compartments to keep each piece separate. The partskeeper cases can also be brought directly onto the jobsite to eliminate trips back and forth to the van and increase time savings.

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LED Lighting
Don’t waste time searching through your dark cargo van for the tools you need – light up your cargo area with LED light strips. These small, inexpensive pieces of van equipment are actually a surprising time saver, especially in winter when the days get darker a lot faster.

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These are just some of the van equipment products that were designed to keep you organized and help save time on this job. Like we mentioned before, time savings is key to increasing profit. In fact, we’d like to prove it to you! Check out our times saving calculator to get an idea of the annual gain that comes with saving a few moments everyday.

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More than ever, smart investments that maximize return are a must. Products that help dealers reach new markets and more customers are crucial. We need essential businesses to continue operations. We need solutions that grow and expand with the ever-changing world.
For nearly 20 years, Switch-N-Go® has been providing cable hoist systems and interchangeable bodies to the work truck industry. The hoist system is designed for class 4-7 chassis cabs and can be installed on a variety of domestic and import vehicles. Switch-N-Go® offers a fleet of work truck bodies including dump, arbor, and storage bodies, as well as flatbed, drop box containers, and WorkReady™ subframes. The Switch-N-Go® solution is an ideal fit for businesses that want to maximize their capital budgets by providing the right tool for every job. From the OEM Dealers to the Fleet Owners, Switch-N-Go® is the solution you are looking for.

With limited chassis availability and the uncertainty of market demands, stocking the right truck is more important than ever. Do you order multiple trucks each with a single vocational specific body such as a flatbed or dump bed and wait for someone to walk through the door in need of that truck? And if you don’t have the type of truck they need, you either order it or they go elsewhere? What if you could always have the right truck on the lot for every customer? What if you had row after row of trucks that could be upfitted with whatever body the customer wants, in less than five minutes? How could you possibly upfit a truck in five minutes? It’s that easy with Switch-N-Go®.
By adding Switch-N-Go® trucks to your lot, you are adding endless possibilities. Our service-proven interchangeable body system allows owners to quickly and easily transform their truck from one body type to the next in under five minutes. This also allows you to rotate which stock bodies you display on/around the truck to generate interest, potentially reaching new customers. You also help to minimize your own risk of carrying so much permanent mount inventory that may or may not sell.

Let’s talk about efficiency. You wouldn’t buy a skid steer with only one attachment, so why buy a truck that only has one body? Sure, you can make use of the truck or skid steer with just one body or attachment, but why force yourself to “make do” with a single purpose piece of equipment? Just like a skid steer, Switch-N-Go® allows you to always have the right “tool” for the job by offering multiple work truck bodies that you can quickly and easily interchange. Not only that, but Switch-N-Go® helps you to prep and equip multiple job sites like a pro. Because of the interchangeable body system, you can drop off a crew with materials and equipment at one site to work on a job and the truck can keep moving. It doesn’t have to stay parked at the site! So, the truck can head to back to your shop to pick up another body and keep working.
Switch-N-Go® not only helps you work more efficiently, but it maximizes your investment. In the short term, you invest in one truck that can do the work of multiple trucks. If one job requires a dump body but the next an arbor body, it only requires five minutes to change the body on the truck—not to mention the financial savings of purchasing an additional body versus an additional chassis. In the long term, you reduce your insurance and maintenance expenses by having one truck instead of multiple.
No one gets into business to do just one thing. You may start with mowing lawns or plowing snow, but eventually, you will want to do more. Expanding your business can be just as expensive as starting it, so how do you do it? Switch-N-Go® makes that easy too. Take for example, the landscaping company that would like to start renting out dumpsters for small clean up jobs. A company that is utilizing permanent mount trucks will have to purchase yet another truck that has a system for hauling dumpsters. This is a huge financial investment. But the company that is utilizing a Switch-N-Go® truck only needs to purchase a fleet of Switch-N-Go® dumpsters and they are in business! The investment and the risk are minimized while the fleet is expanded—allowing the company to serve even more customers, generating more revenue.


We take pride in our mission to bring value and innovation to the work truck industry and we continue to work on new design concepts to

better service a variety of markets. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our team has worked to further that reach in the waste hauling and snow and ice management industries. Our latest innovations include the Dumpster Body and Salt Spreader Body are just the beginning. Our customer service, sales, marketing, engineering, and operations teams are dedicated to continuing our mission in the new year with several upcoming additions to our product line.

Discover more about how the service-proven Switch-N-Go® solution can take your business to next level.


Ranger Design Max Rack 2.0 Drop Down Ladder Rack

The Ranger Design Max Rack 2.0 drop-down ladder rack is designed for high roof cargo vans. Perfect for the Ford Transit, Sprinter, Promaster, and NV. It is TOUGH - Made of military-grade aluminum and stainless steel components. There will be no corrosion over the lifetime of the rack. It is SAFE - Easy access from the ground. It has a lower profile on the roof. It is SIMPLE to use - Single-stage operation for fast loading and unloading of ladders on high roof vans.

At Premier Truck Center, we sell the entire line of Ranger Design products to fit any van or need. Call us today at (941) 729-8196 or visit us on the web at


How to Set Up Weight Distribution | BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

This video describes how to use the Weight Distribution feature of the CURT BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale. With this feature, you can easily set up your weight distribution hitch without the need for a measuring tape, pen and paper. The CURT BetterWeigh™ #51701 is a Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 device that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone to provide a variety of vehicle and trailer weights. This includes vehicle weight, GCW, payload, tongue weight and pin weight, as well as weight distribution setup and trailer brake gain. To begin setting up your weight distribution hitch with the CURT BetterWeigh™, choose the weight range that best suits your vehicle-trailer setup. To set the range, tap the gear icon and select Weight Distribution. Then, select a weight range. Next, select the Weight Distribution feature on the BetterWeigh™ app homescreen. Before pressing Ready, make sure your vehicle and trailer are aligned and ready to be coupled. Turn off the engine. Then, step back from the vehicle and tap Ready. BetterWeigh™ will take an initial reading of your vehicle’s pitch. Once the vehicle pitch is analyzed, lower the trailer tongue until the coupler is resting on the ball. BetterWeigh™ will then display the trailer tongue weight. Tap Ready again to see the weight distribution relative scale. Weights will be shown across the front, rear and trailer axle. The goal is to redistribute the weight toward the front vehicle axle. Next, attach the weight distribution spring bars to the trailer. Then, raise the trailer jack off the ground to see the initial weight distribution reading. Adjust the weight distribution hitch until the front end axle is in the green zone on the app. Finish connecting your trailer, and you’re ready to tow! BetterWeigh™ is compatible with Apple and Android phones. Download the BetterWeigh™ app from Google Play or the App Store. Learn more at www.curtmfg.com/betterweigh