Knapheide Aluminum 11 Utility Van - AKUV129SL FT TP

Check out the game-changing Knapheide KUV utility van, now available in lightweight aluminum! Say goodbye to heavy steel bodies and hello to improved mileage and increased payload capacity. With aluminum, you'll save money at the pump and be able to haul more equipment and materials than ever before. Plus, aluminum's natural resistance to rust and corrosion means your van will maintain its sleek appearance no matter the weather or jobsite conditions. Upgrade to the new Knapheide KUV aluminum van and experience the advantages for yourself! For more information about our products visit https://www.knapheide.com/


From the Floor of the Dearborn Truck Plant | Love on the Line

In this video, we meet Ingrid and Walter Gibbs, proud employees of Ford’s Dearborn Truck plant. Hear their story of how they met and built their own family at Ford. They give their all each and every day and have been committed since day one. As Ford Motor Company undergoes the biggest transformation in its 120 year history, Ford CEO Jim Farley is visiting Ford factories and assembly plants around the world to meet with teams and discuss the opportunities for improvement and growth. “From the Floor” captures some of their unique stories. Learn more about Ford here: https://www.ford.com/


ROUSH CleanTech 7.3L Engine Overview

ROUSH CleanTech's VP of Sales, Ryan Zic, and Business Development Manager, Adam Wilkum, explain how the 7.3L Engine works in our Blue Bird Buses. The PIT Grand Tour is the largest virtual tour in student transportation, spanning 50 regions across North America with five weeks of product/supplier immersion videos, challenges, in-person events, and giveaways. Learn more: https://www.blue-bird.com/


The Farmer Boy Who Invented Ford

In 1879, a 16-year-old boy left his father’s farm for Detroit. At the time when means of transportation were trains or horse carriages and the first automobiles were mostly seen as racing machines for the rich, he would later open a car company and change the course of the automobile industry to what we know today. 35 years later after his arrival to Detroit, half of all cars on Earth were carrying his name, and Henry Ford would become one of the wealthiest men in American history


Smarter Driver: Tips for avoiding a rear-end crash

You might be able to prevent a rear-end crash if you apply a little technique to how you handle following distance.